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My name is Seherzada. I live a normal life with my husband and 3 sons in Zemun. Two of them are married and I have one granddaughter. It might not be strange that I have these powers because I was born a twin. My twin sister passed on 17 days after birth, right after my sisters death I was declared clinically dead for 5 minutes. The doctors didn’t believe that a baby born prematurely (7 month) , 900 grams could survive, but the opposite happened. It was a miracle that I survived. Even in my childhood I had visions which, my mother said I’m imagining and had something wrong with me. A psychologist diagnosed with as very intelligent with a big imagination. Nobody believed my visions.

How do I foresee?

As a 13 year-old I was sitting with a friend when a boy who was 6 years older passed by us , I told my friend that he was going to be my future husband and my friend laughed until tears started because he didn’t even look at us. Five years later, the same guy showed up again and we met. By accident or on purpose. I told him “because you finished your army service I can marry you and I’ll give birth to your 3 sons”, and that’s how it was ! I have 3 sons and I’m the happiest mother in the world. My visions appear in my dreams and the cosmos, which happens without my control. The first vision I had was to give birth to children and then do what I’m here for ,(if you do this you will be happy). When the visions became clearer and when the instructions where more precise the intensity of the visions got stronger .

Everything was happening in dreams.

One old dream which I can’t forget is when I Learnt Arabian prayers which I had no contact with. I entered an open door , in the room was only a long table with a white tablecloth. On one side were women dressed in black and on the other were women dressed in white, I was levitating above the table. As I was passing by the women saying the Arabian prayers each one got up and repeated them. When I came out of the room I was in the middle of a road intersection. At dawn on one side of the road there were people who were yelping in pain. It was a painful sight. I asked out loud “god why don’t you help them?”, instead of an answer I got I was asked where I was going and was told I can’t go across the road. He said I was sent on earth to help people . I asked who these people where and I was told not to ask that and that I can’t show difference between people I help.”You can’t send anyone away because in front of god we are all one family and god is one”. I was told I was chosen because I have a clean honest soul that believes in god and has positive thoughts that god will help those people through me and I can’t leave this earth. Since then I’m receiving clear instructions, for the past 25 years I’ve been helping people solve their problems. That’s why I was sent.

I dreamt of a tall man who asked me of I knew my mission and I told him I did but didn’t have the material, then he gave me two fistfuls of led. I began to water lead , since I already knew Arabian prayers and the technique of cleansing the body and soul, Watering lead.

In some way I though this was the ritual for healing. The next vision was getting in a room with a man who had a beard and who looked serious and strict . He told me that until now I had been living a relaxed life but now I have to work with serious stuff.

He invited me to sit by the table on which a green book was sitting and he asked me what I wish to be totally psychic or help people, without thinking twice I said to help people. He told me that in order to help people I have to be totally psychic so I can understand better.

I opened the book in front of me (Kuran). After that dream I was ready to start my job . I wanted to help everybody but my kids were small and after 3 years of doing my job I got tired of peoples struggles and problems, I was taking everything so personally. I decided to stop doing this and that’s when I got very sick.I didn’t have the right to stop helping people and to leave the gift god had given me . Help came in my dreams with threats, ” what are you doing , why are you making these mistakes, you won’t die but you will suffer if you don’t continue with your job . I got scared and promised to help that I will work with love and nothing is going to be to hard for me. All I wanted was to go back to my kids , that was a weird dream that I took very seriously and now 23 years later I’m going on the right road and god is with me.

I want to let you know that I didn’t learn this but I was born with it and with time I perfected it. I don’t have an office or bodyguards, for all people that god wants to help will find a road that leads to me. Maybe this sounds unbelievable, but knocking on one more door could save you. I will always be there for you. Once Joseph Murphy said „You shouldn’t believe in miracles, you should rely on them.“

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