Client stories

Slavica Nikolic from Belgrade wrote;

‘Before I met Seherzada i visited 17 different clairvoyants but nothing got better. My daughter and I were disappointed and lost trust in clairvoyants. We came by recommendation but we didn’t really believe anything would change , we didn’t have a choice because our lives were in complete crisis- our health was in question,jobs,relationships and financially. Sometimes my daughter would start choking -she couldn’t even drink water,the doctors were in shock because in 1 minute she was dieing and after 10 minutes she looked healthy as if nothing even happened. She was a step away from suicide , I found a suicide letter and this is what it read; Grandma, Mom I loved you both so much, I apologize for any mistakes I may have made. All I ever wanted was for everything to be good in my life . You two gave me all you could , the things that have been happening in the past few months -the pressure in my head and body -I can’t take it anymore . I hoped that all the people we went to for help would help us but it just got worse. It’s better for me to end my life now then to have you watch me suffer , I can’t walk , talk or suffer anymore. I don’t know if I’m paying the price for something or this is how it’s supposed to be . I tried to fight it but it’s stronger than me.

As a mother I can only thank god for sending me to Seherzada at the last moment ,and she confirmed that we were in the last phase of the black magic spell which usually ends in death or the insane asylum. She started working on us right away and within a couple of days things started to get better , after 40 days we went to Seherzada again and we were like new people . We started to smile again , our health improved and today we are happy and have inner peace and are finally leading normal lives. This happened 5 years ago and not to long ago I came to visit Seherzada and told her my daughter got married to a Greek and has a son and is sending her love. I’m not here to commercialize Seherzada I just want to tell people that there is someone out there to help you.

Slavko V. From Uzice

‘I was a happy man in a happy marriage from which I have 2 kids. I own my own restaurant and house, my restaurant was working perfectly when all of a sudden I started feeling bad,stressed out ,tired and jumpy . I started fighting with my wife everyday and my restaurant stopped working and I couldn’t even afford to my employees. I closed the restaurant , I was in a deep state of depression . My wife took the kids and left me to live under rent.I was devastated . I came to Seherzada because my friend recommended her, I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing because I didn’t trust and believe those things . I was listening to her but wasn’t really registering . I was lost, she read some Arabian prayers and she was burning and watering lead and that’s when I started crying . She gave me 5 minutes to get myself together and that’s when I finally began to communicate with her and myself . When she finished with the treatment she gave me notes and told me not to be away from them and to follow the instruction for the next 40 days , that’s when she told me I have to come in 40 days with my wife. I didn’t believe her but I wanted to . My wife came back to me after 7 days and after 2 months my restaurant stared booming again. All in all I got old life back with even more luck and happiness. I was very lucky to find Seherzada.

Katarina ,Toronto

I was really happy and I had a great job , but I was feeling sick about 7 months ago , I was feeling so sick I went to the doctor , my head was hurting all the time,sometimes I was afraid to close my eyes because I felt because everything was spinning. The company I worked for was sold to a new owner and my new responsibility was terrible. I felt lots of pressure , my whole life was going down and all my relationships were failing. While I was talking to my mother I told her something was not right . She told me about Seherzada and I begged her to to go and see if she can do anything. It turned out that it was black magic , my mom sent me all the instructions that I was following . Everything changed , my boyfriend is back and my job is way better.I feel very happy . I did prayers for 40 days . Seherzada helped me so much, one day when I come back to Srbija I want to meet the woman who brought my life back.

The media on Seherzada

I am Dubravka bijelic , I work for a newspaper called ‘Magicna Zona’ and i’ve been writing about Seherezada for the past 15 years and I’ve been following her work . In a sea of clairvoyants she is the only credible one I can sign for. A lot of her clients were thanking me for writing about here and they would usually call me after 40 days after their treatment.

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